Captain Jack started racing Go Karts in 1959, his first kart was powered by two 700 West Bend motors, he raced it for about a year, Jack won just about every race that he participated in. Go Kart racing was just in its infancy, so there were very few rules. Jack raced manly in South East. Mickey Rupp, started making Dart Karts, at the time his Karts soon became the number one competition Kart in the country.

Jack started a Company that was call, Jack McClure Racing Products, His newly formed company sold Rupp Karts, Jack won many races well driving these Karts including, the So East Grand Prix Kart Club Of America race. He won $1000.00 plus a invitation to the World Championships in Nassau Bahamas.

Mickey sent Jack a special Kart to take to that race, that was equipped with a pair of Power Products Motors, before going to Nassau, Jack brought the Kart to the Hickory North Carolina, and entered it in the North Carolina Governors cup, there were over 30 competitors at that event, Jack raced 3 times there, and took first every race. Jack then went to Nassau and entered the 50 lap race, he was in first place for the first 20 laps when one of his 2 motors broke. a connecting rod. Jack continued to race a number of years in the East Coast, wining many races, until his interest turned to Drag Racing.

Jack built his first Drag racing Go Kart in early 1963, it was powered by twin 820 West Bend Motors, that Kart went 100 MPH in the quarter mile. at the Orangeburg South Carolina. Two weeks latter Jack received a call from the owner of the track, that said he would give him a trophy if he would come back to the track, Jack told him he had a room full of trophy's, but if he gave him some money he would come up to to his track the owner said he would give him $25.00 dollars Jack said that was not enough money, so he said I will tell you want, if you race a Supper Stock Car I will give you $100.00 that sparked Jacks interest, so Jack added two more motors to his Kart.

Jack beat every Supper Stock Car he raced there, his top speed was was 125 mph. the most famous Super Stock car Jack raced, was a car called Daddy War Bucks driven by Phil Bonner Senior at Blaney Drag strip in South Carolina. Jack was hired to do 3 runs against Phil, Jack won one of the three races. Jack decided he wanted to go faster, so he added two more motors, thinking he would go even faster.

His kart now has six motors, he took it out to the track thinking he would go much faster, the kart was uncontrollable it would spin the the tires, do wheels, it would do everything but go striate.

so jack went back to using four motors. Jack continued to race this Kart, until 1963 when he saw an ad in a magazine about Turbonique Rockets, in less the three months Jack switched over to Rocket Power.