Captain Jack was born in the hills of north Carolina in Haywood County, when Jack was a teenager, jobs were scares and knew a number of bootlegs in his county that had there own stills that were known to make the best white lightning in the county, It wasn’t long before Jack became one of there delivery boys. He drove a unregister, unlicensed Model A, in fact, Jack didn’t have a license either, so things were pretty simple back then if you could keep your distance from the sheriff and Revenue Officers. Jack had a number of encounters but he was never got caught. Jack move out of the mountains to Mooresville North Carolina, Jack got his drivers license and bought a Hudson Terraplane, He got invalid with a bootlegger whose operation was a block away from the police department.

This added more risk but he never got caught, on one occasion Jack went out to the Moonshiners still to get another load, the Shiners wife asked him if he was hunger, Jack said yes, so she said, she would make him a chicken dinner while they loaded up his car with White Lightning, she went out in the back yard grabbed a chicken and rung his neck, That was the freshest Chicken dinner he had ever had.

Jacks family moved back to the mountains and Jack moved down to Columbia South Carolina. Jack met the big time Moonshine haulers down there, who had fast cars, they constantly had the police on there tails, Jack learn to drive these fast moving souped up Hot rods and loved out smarting his pursuers.

Jack was one of the good old boys that loved to drive fast and live on the edge, so he and his fellow moon shiners would take there souped up cars and race at night on deserted roads, this went on for some time, Jack had a 1939 Ford that nobody could out run.

There was a Speedway, that was under construction in Columbia so Jack and his friends built cars and started racing there, in about 1950, NASCAR sanctioned the track and told everybody if you raced on that track you had to join NASCAR, Jack still has his original license signed by William Tutthill the sectary of NASCAR .